Travel with peace of mind

Travel with peace of mind

Plan your trip and view the most important entry test requirements for your destination. Get informed about latest corona related behavior rules and news which could impact your trip.

Find a lab and get tested

Quickly find medical providers in your surrounding area who offer required tests. Book an appointment, conduct a test and receive the results directly via app.

Find a lab and get tested
View and share test results

View and share test results

Access your test results in your health record, share them with airlines and immigrations to receive permission to enter your destination.

ION is an alliance of international health and technology companies on the mission to help navigate the world in COVID-19 times

Connecting health insurance payers, medical service providers and regulators,  inHealth is A Healthcare industry technology platform, driving innovation and offering shared digital services, creating trust and eliminating barriers for healthcare business evolution, with emphasis on transparency and neutrality
Ottonova is the first digital health insurance in Germany, well known as innovation leader who enables new technologies for the health care industry. Founded in 2017, the company has been reinventing the way customers interact with their health insurance by building a completely new technology platform with a user-friendly front-end mobile application.
With more than 1000 experts from different fields working across 14 offices, Nortal is passionate about making life easier for others. Just recently, Nortal built a new business register for Oman – you can now register a company in Oman in less than three minutes. Nortal has been a key  element of setting up the most digital society in the world in Estonia and is now helping clients globally to replicate this success story in healthcare, eGovernment and many industries.
Daman is the leading health insurance specialist in the UAE. Since 2006, Daman has been striving to make the UAE a healthier, happier community. The insurer offers a wide range of health insurance plans and additional benefits. With the highest market share in Abu Dhabi, Daman covers more than 3 million members and 2000+ hospitals and clinics.

Product values


A secure platform that protects your personal and health related data with the state of the art technology in a securely and encrypted structure.


A stable platform that supports you by planning your travel journey – no matter when and where you want to go.


A platform that enables traveling during corona virus times in a simple and convenient way for all parties.


A standardized platform solution thats works for the whole travel ecosystem.

Customer Centric

A platform built by setting the focus on the travelers point of view from day one.


Follow the progress on our journey

May 1

Due to the growing pandemic crisis, ottonova and its partners are thinking of ways to support their customers and the wider community through this difficult time.

May 4

The idea of a Corona Travel App is spearheaded by Peter Bauer, CIO of ottonova. He is bringing in two partners and is developing the concept around this solution.

May 11

Press release from ottonova, inHealth and Nortal that they are working on an app to enable traveling by providing information on entry requirements and a platform to upload test results.

June 2

Several employees of ottonova, Nortal and inHealth join the team to develop the concept and map out the different uses cases.

June 8

A partnership with an authority in the United Arab Emirates who deal with passenger travel information, is becoming likely.

June 18

The concept structure is taking shape and the outline of the MVP, focusing on the most essential use cases is becoming clear.

June 25

The architechture and data structure of the platform is taking shape and forms the basis of the platform.

July 1

A partnership with a large medical provider group from Switzerland, South Africa and the UAE is being developed.

July 15

The platforms compelling arguments such as separation of concern and underlying security aspects such as end to end encryption are reinforced through technical workshops.

July 21

After some internal discussions, the roadmap for the coming months is finalized and the scope of the pilot is defined.

July 28

A large laboratory provider joins discussions with the consortium to collaborate on this solution. A partneship is looking likely.

August 4

The LLC Joint Venture agreement is signed by all founding companies.

August 8

Internal discussions bring our brand identity to light and help us develop a name for the company and the travel app.

August 9

Agile teams from the three founding companies are starting software development for the mobile app, the web app for medical providers and the global backend.

August 15

Active partnerships are defining their role in the pilot and are helping to bring the solution one step closer to realisation.

August 24

Another partnership is initiated with a company that provides IT solution of airlines and handles traveler information.

September 4

A business planning workshop reveals the potential revenue streams for the solution and helps to define the economic advantage to our partners.

September 8

Further talks with active partnerships reveal that the required partners to perform a pilot phase are onboard.

September 19

Software development is
making good progress and
a pilot phase to test out
the solution by the end of the month is aspired.