A secure and standardized platform for entry regulation

The backbone of SimplyGo is a platform that enables international information exchange.

Secure, standardized and multi-language compatible, it allows all relevant parties to be integrated to deliver and connect most recent information in order to allow users to meet their individual entry regulations. Through a convenient communication layer, users always have access to their personal data and are enabled to effortlessly pursue their plans while never compromise on safety and security.

Users grant third party providers access to their profile to deliver or read personal data. The platform honors local rules and regulations and acts in accordance with valid security requirements.  

Major principles of the platform

Only trusted partners
Only selected partners can connect, store and exchange data. ​

State of the art technology and security
Technology and security follow open standards for the setup and operation of the platform and will be updated and optimized according to well proven and modern open standards.

Standardized information exchange
The standardization of data exchange on the platform enables that conditions, medical information can be exchanged independent of languages and avoid misunderstandings between the participants of the platform.

Data protection and security
Handling medical information is highly sensitive, we follow the rules and regulations of the different participants and countries. ​We ensure an alignment between the concerns of the parties granting access and the person, by asking for the active consent to exchange or receive critical medical and personal data with or from a third party. We actively follow GDPR, DGSVO or other regulations of the specific countries.

Minimize manipulation
The platform is built to minimize the ability to manipulate data as it will affect the value and impact of the necessary exchange of information in pandemic times.

Separation of concerns
The different roles and responsibilities of parties are supported in a neutral way. We don‘t interfere in the data exchange between the trusted partners. We honor rules and regulations of the local partners and the worldwide communities to protect the population health and the single health. We align with enhanced data privacy and data security rules of the different countries.